30 Day Book Challenge (Day 14)

Credit goes to  The Chronicles of Radiya for creating this challenge.


Day 14: Your favourite author(s) from your childhood.

Ok, so I already spoke about Enid Blyton yesterday as I didn’t realise this would be today’s challenge. However I did read things other than the Famous Five novels. I spent a lot of my childhood reading, although this would have to be on my terms. For instance, I would get a reading book set by my teacher every week in year two. In order to get me to read these books, my Dad had to pay me a penny for every word I read. I found them so boring it is unreal. I’d much rather be reading something with more excitement than Biff And Chip. This makes me sound like an irritating child, I’d agree but I still stand by the fact that those books were god awful.

Tell you what though, these author’s knew how to write a gooden back in the day…

Jacqueline Wilson: She’s still writing away! And I’m sure she is still fantastic. I read her books all of the time, and her latest novel would always be on my birthday or Christmas list. They are really heart warming and sad in places, considering they are children’s books. However, that is the beauty of them, as they help a child grasp the cruel reality which is life, in the nicest way possible. In particular I liked her Tracey Beaker books and The Clean Break. As these dealt with issues that I could relate to in places.

Roald Dahl: His witty writing always used to make me giggle. If I was in a strop then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory always worked a treat…God my jokes are getting worse. They were completely innocent novels, they took you to another place. He was a fantastic author.

Lewis Carroll: I’ve already mentioned him on here, but Alice in Wonderland  was one of my favourite books as a kid. So he’s got to be worthy of this title.

Kenneth Grahame: He wrote The Wind in the Willows, my favourite children’s books of all time! It’s amazing, and I miss it.

There are many others, however I’ve given you a select few.

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