30 Day Book Challenge (Day 12)

Credit goes to The Chronicles of Radiya  for creating this challenge


Day 12: A book you used to love but don’t anymore

This is a difficult one, because if I love a book then that’s normally that. I’d probably have to say Twilight though. Only because I literally used to be obsessed with it, but now I’m really not that fussed. It’s a case of me out-growing it to be honest, it’s one of those books that if you get over a certain age then it really doesn’t appeal to you.  I remember when I did read it, I could really connect to the characters and get into Bella’s thoughts and perceptions very quickly, which is good when you’re a younger reader.  I don’t normally read series of books, because normally I just jump from author to author so I can get a taste of everything. However Twilight  is one of the the few exceptions.

It has a bit of everything; love, conflict and high school dramas which is why it is so popular. And when I was younger it appealed to me greatly, now…not so much. It’s funny how people change in such a short space of time really, because if you had given me some of the books I read now when I was that age then I wouldn’t have even bothered reading the blurb. Since I’ve grown up, so has my reading list. It doesn’t even seem that long ago that I was reading books like that, if Twilight was released today I probably wouldn’t bother reading the blurb…Ok, well I probably would just to see what all of the fuss was about.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting loads! I’ve been at college and ill. So, I’ve decided to take a few days off of bloging…Sorry D: But I will be back! (I need to be, I’m using this for my A Levels). 

Another reminder!
Please can you lovely readers send me an email (address below) explaining what you think/link about my blog. That would be great because I NEED feedback.


Be back soon- Jess xxx

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