Hello Reader,


I have a HUGE favour to ask you all. Basically, as those of you who read my posts often are probably aware, the reason I set up my blog was for my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). This will help me get into Uni, so it’s kind of a big deal, I’ve loved every second of writing my blog. And therefore I will be continuing to write it even after I’ve submitted my EPQ (that’s around Christmas time). 

Anyway, what I need you guys to do is email me at;

And tell me what you think of my blog, just a paragraph or so will do (write more if you like, that would be great). Because for my EPQ I need to include an evaluation section. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a follower, as I understand some of you view my blog via Facebook.  

Thank you so much! I need as many opinions as possible, so please take 5 minuets of your time to send me an email, or comment below if you’d prefer but emailing makes it easier as it’s all in one place and easier to access anywhere. 

Jess xxxx



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